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Class 1 - 4 Respond more rapidly to a changing workplace...

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Self-managed work teams – A formally recognized group of employees who are responsible for an entire work process from start to finish or segment that delivers a product or service to an internal or external customer *Concept is widely used form of job design that is an outgrowth of job enrichment *Serves o broaden the responsibility of team members. Why self managed worked teams? 1. increase productivity 2. enhance quality 3. reduce cycle time (amount of time required to complete a transaction)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Respond more rapidly to a changing workplace The Job Characteristics Model – helps break jobs down to the core job characteristics. 1. Skill Variety 2. Task Significance – how valued it is by others 3. Task Identity – the ability of an employee to do a job start to finish with a visible outcome 4. Autonomy -5. Feedback Critical Psychological States 1. Meaningfulness 2. Responsibility 3. Knowledge of results KSA – Knowledge Skill and Ability...
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