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Help wanted - • Red 5 Studios – Kern The box inside...

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“Help wanted” meets “Buy it now” why more companies are integrating marketing and recruiting 3 Key Points Chicken and the Egg – To lure people to your company you need to establish your business as a cool place to work, but in order to do that you need good people Google posted obscure billboards of math problems and if people could solve them they would be directed to submit their resume Marketing is all about external customers and Human Resources is about the internal needs of the employer. Smaller companies tend to be better at this because their managers are used to handling multiple situations
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Unformatted text preview: • Red 5 Studios – Kern, The box inside boxes, just cool. 16 of his 21 employees came from this • Group interviews at I Love Rewards, lots of them. Each candidate left with a gift card • Brand Recruiting 2 Ways it relates to the book • Customer Driven HR – Leaves candidates with a positive attitude towards the company, you are selling the company as an employee-brand • Interviews - Selection • Labor Supply/Labor Demand How it relates to me as an undergrad • My current job process...
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