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5. In what ways does continued training assist employees? Explain. After Robert Galvin’s implementation of the Motorola Training and Education Center, a company in-house program, Motorola saw an increase in revenue and profits almost immediately. These gains continued throughout the next decade and reached new milestones each year all the way till 1995, which is when this story ends its explanation. The training provided by Motorola gave their company a unique advantage over their competitors. Motorola, behind their “six sigma’ plan, continued pumping money into their training programs and essentially used this method as a means to improve any problematic situation within the company. They used training to fix company-wide problems. This training, first done at the MTEC and then at Motorola University assists
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Unformatted text preview: employees in a multitude of ways. Motorola’s goals for training were backed with its monetary support of 3% of its payroll numbers. Employees are assisted because they can be cross trained in different fields and the mandatory training they are already provided assists them in cutting down mistakes. When employees are performing better, they produce higher quality products which raises sales and eventually to higher bonuses. The employees feel more empowered when they are knowledgeable enough handle situations by themselves or in their team without getting higher up execs involved. Finally to summarize, this continued training helps the employees change their methods and learn as the goals of the company (Motorola) change also. Training makes company wide innovation that much easier....
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