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Recruitment & Selection students

Recruitment & Selection students - Recruitment&...

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Unformatted text preview: Recruitment & Selection Recruitment & Selection BADM 130 © Jaclyn M. Jensen All Rights Reserved. This Week’s Agenda This Week’s Agenda ► Instructions for Team Case Study ► Current events presentation ► Recruitment & Selection from Organization Point of View ► Job Candidate’s Tips and Tricks, Elevator Speech Citibank Team Case Analysis Citibank Team Case Analysis ► To get started, you should read the case and book chapter thoroughly ► Formatting expectations Double spaced, 12 point font, normal margins Please put your team members’ names on a cover sheet 5 points deducted for not meeting formatting guidelines Case Analysis Content Case Analysis Content ► Your team grade will be based on: Identifying Key Problems Supporting your Arguments Applying Analytic Thinking Skills Clarity of Arguments Grammar and Sentence Structure ► You should answer the case questions with these criteria in mind Handing in Your Work Handing in Your Work ► Your case is due no later than the start of class ► All work should be submitted electronically (see syllabus for instructions) ► NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED! ► Grading rubric is available on Blackboard Thinking about Supply and Demand Thinking about Supply and Demand ► When an organization goes through recruitment, the process begins with human resource planning HR planning takes into consideration: ► The amount of work an organization anticipates it will have in the future The number of employees that will be needed to do this work Historical data on employee tenure The importance of labor forcasting Ready to Recruit Ready to Recruit ► Once an organization has determined its staffing needs, the recruitment process begins Importance of finding an employee who has the appropriate KSAs, motivation, and “fit” with the organization What strategies can organizations use to market the job to qualified candidates? Are all recruiting sources equally effective? Are there any ethical issues companies need to be concerned about in the recruiting process? The importance of effective recruiting cannot be emphasized enough! Recruitment ­> Selection Recruitment ­> Selection ► After applicants submit materials, the organization must decide who is qualified What criteria are involved? ►Screen in vs. screen out ►Scanning cover letter and resume for minimum job Who makes this decision? ►Departmental personnel requirements ►Human resource department ►Pros and cons of either approach Ready to Select Ready to Select ► After a qualified applicant pool is identified, the selection process begins ► With so many tools available, how does a company decide which to use? Reliability: Test­retest, interrater, internal consistency Validity: Face, Content, and criterion validity Adverse Impact Cost Other Considerations Reliability Reliability Time 1 Time 2 Observer 1 Observer 2 Validity Validity Auditing Business Environment Financial Reporting Regulations Financial Accounting Concurrent Predictive Current Performance Future Performance Comparing Selection Tools Comparing Selection Tools Structured Interview Reliability High Cognitive Ability Test High Personality Test Low to high (depends on test) Low to Moderate Low Low Can be faked, personality not relevant for all jobs Assessment Center High Validity Adverse impact Cost Other considerations High Low High Legal concerns with what can be asked, unstructured interviews High High Low Many kinds of ability: physical, emotional High Low High Used for both external selection & internal promotions New Approaches: Blogs New Approaches: Blogs ► Going beyond basic ability and personality, what is on the cutting edge of selection techniques? Use of technology and integrity of the process Web blogs posted by current employees give an insider’s view of an organization to job applicants ► Microsoft, Honeywell, Boeing, General Motors, and Southwest Airlines are all taking advantage of this technology ► What are the implications of this method of recruiting? New Approaches: Virtual World New Approaches: Virtual World ► Recruiting through Second Life ► http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?st Your Elevator Speech Your Elevator Speech ► What makes for a good elevator speech? ► Was it easy or hard for you to write your speech? ► What are you trying to convey in your speech? Resume Review Resume Review ► Chronological: Lists your work experience in reverse chronological sequence (date order) experiences, and accomplishments (not around specific jobs) becoming more popular with recruiters and employers ► Functional: Organized around your skills, ► Combination: Blends chronological with functional; Tips for Electronic Resumes Tips for Electronic Resumes ► Make sure your contact information is complete ► Stay away from fancy formatting ► Be sure to submit your resume by the stated deadline and follow up with the employer Resources at GW Resources at GW ► GWSB Career Center (Duques 560) Career Source job listings Workshops http://business.gwu.edu/ugrad/careerservices.cfm Weekly announcements on events, internships ► UG Newsletter from Dean’s Office Today’s Wrap Up Today’s Wrap Up ► Key takeaways ► For next week… Read Chapter 7 Prepare Team Case: Citibank Performance Evaluation Come with questions in advance of the midterm ...
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