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Final Exam Study Guide - Final Exam Study Guide Please...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam Study Guide Please note: Everything related to juvenile delinquency discussed in class is eligible for inclusion on the final exam. Because this study guide may not include all of the topics covered in class, it is recommended that students compare their class notes with the information provided below to create a comprehensive list of topics. Chapter 1 Howell A large increase in juvenile is said to have occurred in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Why? According to the book this could be because of the Tyranny of Small Numbers principle. Keep in mind that arrest data are reliable. Why? Is there an epidemic in Juvenile Delinquency? No at that the height only 6% were arrested for violent crimes, the only thing maybe considered to be an epidemic is the murder rate. What are the characteristics of Juvenile violence? Very few are arrested for violent crimes, it is largely limited to the later stages of the adolescent period, it produces low death rates and less serious injuries compared to adults, adults are more likely to use guns, it is characterized by gang involvement and group arrests tend to inflate juvenile arrest statistics, statistics driven during the wars. In the last several years, violence arrest rates dropped due in part to.? - better economy conditions, more opportunities to commit crime (internet, gang), longer sentences, tougher law enforcement, expanded community policing. Chapter 2 What does DiIulios (1995) phrase Superpredator Myth mean? Super predator is someone with absolutely no respect for human lie and no sense of the future, stone cold predators. On what basis did James Q. Wilson, well-known criminologist, scare people and the media when he stated that by the end of this decade there will be a million more people between the ages of 14-17 than there are now. 6% of them will become high rate, repeat offenders and 30,000 more young muggers, killers and thieves. Get ready. What was wrong with his analysis? He included everyone from the age of 0-17. 6% of the US would be almost 2 million people, nearly twice the amount of juveniles who even come to court each year. What are the myths of juvenile violence? Deliquency was more dangerous in the past not true, myth Rates stay the same not true, they fluctuate, myth Less violent offending in the past not true, myth Juvenile violence epidemic not true, myth Juvenile frequently carry and traffic guns not true, myth School shooting is increasing not true, myth Minorities are more likely to commit crimes than whites not true, myth...
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Final Exam Study Guide - Final Exam Study Guide Please...

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