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Weekly Response 7 1. Why are programs such as D.A.R.E. still in operation even though research has  shown that they’re ineffective? There is widespread mistake of belief in terms of the programs.  They have been  around so long that people, despite empirical evidence that they aren’t effective, that  people still believe they work regardless of those results.  It just sticks around based  on its name and its extremely high annual funding.  It is often irresistible for  repressive deterrence.  Also the idea of this program is easier to believe in than the 
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Unformatted text preview: statistics that show it as being ineffective. 2. How has the war in juveniles contributed to the adoption of piecemeal solutions? “The War on Juveniles mentality has undermined sound management practices, leading to such piecemeal “solutions” such as boot camps, zero-tolerance policies that lead to unwarranted school suspensions and expulsions, and punitive correctional programs.” Common planning mistakes generally lead to the piecemeal solutions....
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