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Weekly Response 8 - and someone so young deserves a chance...

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Weekly Response #8 1. What would you have decided on the Nathaniel Abraham case if you were the  judge? I agree with Judge Moore’s decision on this case.  I point to a couple key items  pointed out in the text.  First and more importantly, there were reports that  Nathaniel only function at a 6-8 age level and was basically unable to  comprehend what was right and what was wrong.  This leaves me to believe the  child’s story that he wasn’t intending to shoot anyone and thus didn’t understand  the consequences of his actions.  Also I believe in what Moore said about the  criminal justice system.  If he sentenced him to the adult system or a blended  system, his chances of being rehabilitated would have been greatly diminished 
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Unformatted text preview: and someone so young deserves a chance at rehabilitation. 2. Why do you think juveniles receive longer prison sentences than adults for the same crimes? For some crimes there is more possibility for reform, kids can be taught still what is right or wrong, and being in a juvenile center may be a better learning environment then being put back on the streets. Also sometimes the judges know that the environment at home is much worse than the environment inside and they want the juveniles to stay in longer to avoid the risks of the street and potential death. This is a better option most of the time, and gives these convicts another chance to succeed....
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