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Weekly Response 10

Weekly Response 10 - impossible to be effective 3 What is...

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Weekly Responses # 10 1. What are some of the myths about juvenile justice programs? ”Nothing Works” That juvenile courts are not effective That the juvenile system is not effective with serious or violent offenders That alternative solutions such as community based efforts are not effective 2. Which of the four major principles of the Canadian/American psychologists’ theory of rehabilitation seems most important to you? Principle Number 3 – Treatment should be delivered in a style and mode that is consistent or matched to, the learning styles of the offender.. This makes the most sense. If you want to try and rehabilitate a juvenile or criminal you have to understand for which why they are doing it. If it isn’t tailored to them then it is
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Unformatted text preview: impossible to be effective. 3. What is meta-analysis and why is it used? Meta Analysis – is a quantitative technique for coding, analyzing, and summarizing research evidence. It is used to analyze intervention effects not clearly visible to traditional researchers. Discovery of the delinquency reduction potential of “practical” juvenile justice program intervention is an example. 4. Describe the findings from the National Threat Assessments Centers Study of School Shootings. Basically that there are hints before the shootings happen and they are premeditated. Most attackers have a familiarity with guns. Outside students and bullying are usually with the attacker....
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