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Weekly Response Questions #1 (Due 2-7-08) 1. Using Loeber’s stepping-stone model, stepping stones and stacking, discuss the various ways participation in non-violent juvenile crime leads to more serious violent criminal activities. As Loeber says low birth weight, potentially the mother’s alcohol or drug abuse and neurotoxins lead to hyperactivity which turns into aggressive behavior and poor social skills and from these things more overt actions take place. Physical violence and other such things, are results from the stepping stones and stacking. Once the stubborn behavior begins this can lead to aggressive behavior and eventually violent behavior. Think about it this way: A kid starts by yelling at someone, then getting in their face, then one day they push someone, and finally they start throwing punches. People who are aggressive sometimes only get more aggressive. 2. Describe the characteristics of serious violent juvenile offenders. Young usually starting at 13 or 14.
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