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Weekly Responses 9

Weekly Responses 9 - 4 What are the reasons why mentoring...

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Weekly Responses #9 From Video Lectures (Blum from Johns Hopkins and S. Kaye from Hoop Dreams) 1. What are three issues that Dr. Blum mentioned as being important predictors of truancy and eventual delinquency? Substance Abuse (Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Marijuana), Emotional Stress, and Pregnancy, these things generally lead to higher rates of truancy in high school. 2. What are three things about public schools that Dr. Blum mentioned that would improve truancy rates? Let someone know they care about them. Help them focus on positive things ahead, and help them stay focused on the tasks that are ahead. Make sure the gates to higher education are not closed. From chapter 9 3. Explain the term developmental prevention. Professionals in the field focus on the improvement of the general well-being of youth- that is, helping children, and adolescents grow up healthy in every respect.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What are the reasons why mentoring programs are effective? Matches are done in a way so people are put in the correct environment. They have improved school attendance, attitudes towards school, and school performance. It serves as a lifeline that can provide protection against risk factors in adolescence. Children prefer informal personal relationships over anything else. 5. What needs to happen for a community to build a continuum of early intervention and prevention programs? Community-oriented policing is a poplar practice with prevention potential. If people in your community are looking after one another it can greatly increase the likelihood that delinquency will be prevented. They programs have been evaluated and prove to be strong effective towards prevention....
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Weekly Responses 9 - 4 What are the reasons why mentoring...

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