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Michael Samuels 09/08/2008 IBus – 160 Helm Globalization Pros Freedom of Knowledge – Companies are able to swap resources and intelligence to create newer and better things. This grows the world’s knowledge in all areas of production, making some things more efficient, and some things higher quality and a lot of the time both. Foreign Economic Growth – Globalization gives people in other countries new resources and opportunities to gain new jobs and also better paying jobs. It infuses more money into economy and it allows people to do things they were never able to do before Domestic Economic Growth – Companies are able to keep their cost down by sending jobs overseas and this allows them to price their products accordingly, and in a lot of
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Unformatted text preview: ways making them more affordable for citizens. For example, computers may not be the same cost now if they all were produced locally. Efficiency Countries are able to specialize in a given aspect of any product and when you can specialize you are more efficient and efficiency in a lot of ways is the most important aspect of economics. Education Globalization has brought a new wave of education in regions that werent used to have the resources to specialize in most tech fields. Tech jobs have opened doors all around the world that werent there several years back....
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