Test 6 Review - REVIEW QUESTIONS FOR TEST 6 Test to be...

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REVIEW QUESTIONS FOR TEST 6 Test to be given on Monday, March 27 Acts 17, 18, 19  1.  Name two cities in Macedonia where Paul preached in chapter 17.   Berea and Thessionalica 2.  The Jews in Berea are called "noble" for what reason? They search scripture to see if what Paul is saying is true 3. Whom  does Paul leave in Berea and why? Where does he go? He leaves Silas and Timothy because his life was in danger Athens Greece 4.  What does Paul say the city of Athens is full of? Idols 5.  What three important places in Athens, which are close together and located in a  triangle, play a part in the story of Paul's work there?   marketplace, Mars Hill, and Acropilas. 6. Greeks holding the views of what philosophers have dicussions with Paul? Stoic-Live without happiness. Epicurean- drink and be merry becausee you never know when you're gonna die. 7.  Paul delivers a sermon while on what location?   Parthanon 8.  What famous Greek building does Paul seem to have in mind when he speaks of  temples made with hands and of the God he preaches not being "served by men's  hands?"     What part of that building suggested "serving" the goddess Athena?  
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Test 6 Review - REVIEW QUESTIONS FOR TEST 6 Test to be...

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