~WRL2173 - Have you ever lived or traveled in another...

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Have you ever lived or traveled in another country? I have never lived nor traveled to another country outside of North America. Growing up in Arizona in a typical middle class family there weren’t many opportunities to travel abroad. Even knowing that point, compared to most of my friends from home I have practically traveled the world. People don’t get a chance to get out of Arizona very easily, and coming to Washington DC was the first big step I took to have new experiences unfamiliar to many of my peers. I’ve always wanted to travel abroad, and now that I have the chance I have to take it. It is scary and exciting all at the same time but the opportunity is too great to ever pass up. I consider myself well rounded person except for this and I’m curious to see how things are different in others countries. I want to able to travel and explore many different countries with London being the hub. Explain why study abroad is important to you. How would a program abroad complement your academic experience? Throughout my life the idea of studying abroad has only been a dream. It never seemed like a reality until recently. The fact it is now a real possibility is a feeling I can’t fully put into words. It is out of my comfort zone, a situation that is totally different then what I am used too and even though that can be frightening, I look forward to the facing
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~WRL2173 - Have you ever lived or traveled in another...

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