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Campus Fire Watch

Campus Fire Watch - Michael Samuels SMPA 110W Doyle Campus...

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Michael Samuels 09/10/2008 SMPA 110W Doyle Campus Fire Watch “We have more false alarms than Lindsay Lohan's pregnancy tests” said first year law student Steve Glatter when asked on his thoughts about the real risk of a campus fire. Steve spent four years living in George Washington University on-campus housing and went on to say “my opinion is only conjecture, but it appears that the university thinks about and plans for fire safety appropriately; fire drills are common and all alarms prompt evacuation and are responded to swiftly.” Students and campus fire-safety advocates rallied on a Capital Hill alongside law and policy makers to kick off National Campus fire-safety month. Fire-safety, a familiar topic on the George Washington campus with last semester Schenley Hall fie, has gained a lot of momentum to become a hot button issue in Washington. Led by New Jersey congressman Bill Pascrell and New Jersey senator Frank Lautenberg a new Campus Fire
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  • Fall '08
  • MichaelDoyle
  • SMPA 110W Doyle, Frank Lautenberg, Steve Glatter, DC fire department, National Campus fire-safety, campus fire-safety advocates

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