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Harry Mitchell - Michael Samuels SMPA 110W Doyle Harry...

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Michael Samuels 11/4/08 SMPA 110W Doyle Harry Mitchell vs Republican District Congressmen carry huge expectations and plenty of responsibility in a representing a district, especially one of a hometown representative. Democratic Congressman Harry Mitchell of the 5 th District of Arizona, was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, a small college town outside of Phoenix. Mitchell, a one-term incumbent, served for many years on the Tempe District Education Board, as well as principal of a local high school. Beyond his educational background Mitchell served previously as Mayor of Tempe before being elected to Congress. Mitchell won his seat in the House of Representatives in a highly Republican district, over nationally recognized former Rep J.D. Hayworth in 2006. Transcending the Republican nature of his district, the home-grown Mitchell was able to score a proclaimed upset victory. Hayworth, previously a local sportscaster, served 6 terms in the House of Representatives. “It was a sad to see Mr. Hayworth ousted from office,” said gw junior political
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Harry Mitchell - Michael Samuels SMPA 110W Doyle Harry...

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