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Ledes - th season on The Kalb Report Discussion will be...

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Michael Samuels 9/8/2008 SMPA 110W Doyle Ledes 1. The Kalb Report hosted by Marvin Kolb opens its 15 th season with “shock Jock” talk show host Bill O’riley as a special guest to discuss “Opinion Journlaism”. 2. One of the most polarizing figures in media, Bill O’Riley, will join Marvin Kalb to open his 15
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Unformatted text preview: th season on The Kalb Report . Discussion will be focused on “Opinion Journalism”, an O’Riley specialty. 3. A national media personality who brings a special “factor” to any debate about editorial journalism will join Marvin Kalb to premier his 15 th season of The Kalb Report....
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