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Lisa Friedman

Lisa Friedman - • Child abuse and neglect cases over a...

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Lisa Friedman Recently got out of a 14 year relationship, 20 including hs Newspapers may be dying but journalism is not Finding a new place for journalism Got into journalism cause her mom wouldn’t her work at record store Cliffton new jersey Grimy news room People in the newsroom (wit, sarcastic, jokes, smart) Interned in vegas Features, Police corruption, guy found at the bottom of lake mead, jailhouse interview Learned about how cities work Bakersfield, terrible city, she worked there as a police reporter
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Unformatted text preview: • Child abuse and neglect cases, over a years worth • Small town vs big city • Oakland reporter working out here post grad from Maryland • What things happening here effect California • Got laid off • LA Daily news –immigration, Hollywood • Laid off • Climate wire – part of energy environment news, Niche publications. • What does climate change mean to people in the worlds poorest countries • People paying to read the information on the specific news topic •...
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