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Rome Essay Final

Rome Essay Final - What personal qualities do you think one...

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What personal qualities do you think one must possess to best facilitate assimilation into another culture? Unfamiliar environments can be extremely difficult and nerve wracking for many people yet can offer the most rewarding experiences. It takes certain personal characteristics and attitudes to be successful and confident when adjusting to an unknown setting. One might find that type of situation when attending sleep away camp for the first time, starting at a new school, or moving away from home. For me, of those three scenarios, moving away was the most difficult to adjust too. When I moved away to college from Arizona to Washington DC, I knew there would be major adjustments that I would have to make. Living in a new city, with people I’ve never met before, and surrounded by cultures and attitudes I’ve never encountered makes keeping an open mind not only a goal but also a necessity. From my experiences, I have learned that facing new challenges head on is the first step in adjusting to the unknown.
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