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Mike Samuels Laycock Accy 51-17 10/30/07 Chapter 7 1) Frank doesn’t have the experience to manage the project, somebody else should manage it. 2) Fist all the 500 tickets need to be numbered in order to keep a good track on all of them. He needs to issue the tickets and any of the unsold tickets need to be returned, and all the cash from the sold tickets should be sealed in an envelope. 3) Kids should be issued money specifically for supplies and any unused money should be returned back to Frank. They should not have access to the money. 4) Frank needs to count and prepare the slip.
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Unformatted text preview: Blair should be the one to deposit and also ensure to ask for a receipt to bring to frank. Blair should not be responsible for all those things. 5) They should demand any kind of receipt from the DJ, even just for their own records. 6) There needed to be more people at the dance to count exactly how many people were there, to ensure that the ticket purchase amounts would mach up with attendance. 7) He didn’t know how to respond because he in no way kept track of any money. He should be fired or he needs someone to teach him how to manage money....
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