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001-12ex3guide.fall07 Psychology 001-12 Exam 3 Study Guide Fall 2007 Define DSM-IV-TR Purpose of DSM-IV-TR Trephination Exorcism Hippocrates Tarantism Lycanthropy JohannWyer Bethlehem Hospital Gheel, Belgium Philippe Pinel Moral treatment Dorothea Dix Deinstitutionalization Generalized anxiety disorder Free-floating anxiety Anxiety and GABA Cognitive-behavioral explanation for panic disorder Agoraphobia Specific phobia Social phobia
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Unformatted text preview: Dysthymic disorder Bipolar (manic) depression & symptoms & treatment Cyclothymic disorder Paranoid personality disorder Antisocial personality disorder Borderline personality disorder Narcissistic personality disorder Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder Dissociative disorders: amnesias, fugue state, multiple personalities Munchausen Syndrome/Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Schizophrenia: Type I (positive) and Type II (negative) symptoms & categories Paraphilias Critical Thinking 14.1, page 586 Emotions Gone Awry, page 600 Critical Thinking 14.2, pages 604-605 Culture and Human Behavior 14.3, page 613...
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