9-27-07 Psyc

9-27-07 Psyc - Temporal Lobes -Language -Meaning Limbic...

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Temporal Lobes -Language -Meaning Limbic System Diencephalom Thalamus Hypothalamus Thalamus *Relays sensory stimuli (not smell) *Pain and vision and perception Hypothalamus Hungry and Thirst Suprachiasmatic Nucleus o Curcaduab Rhythm o Melatonin (Pineal Gland) o Season Affective Disorder Hippocampus H.M. had his surgically cut – couldn’t remember Jimmie G had his damaged by drinking. Amygdala *Emotions: Fear/Disgust/Aggression Septum – Helps to calm you back down Fornix – Bridge between the septum and Amygdala Brain Plasticity Structural Plasticity Functional Plasticity – Other neurons have the ability to take on the tasks of damaged neurons. Structural Plasticity - New neurons that change the structure of the brain (An issue like with stem cell research) Young brains more plastic than old brains
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Learning Learning – Relatively enduring change in behavior or knowledge resulting from experience and practice. Classical Conditioning
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9-27-07 Psyc - Temporal Lobes -Language -Meaning Limbic...

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