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10-18-07 Psyc

10-18-07 Psyc - -Memorizing is kind of like waiting for...

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Long Term Potentiation -As we try to store things into long term memory, there are changes in the neurons with that specific neuron. The more you use a certain memory it starts functional and structural changes. Structure –As you use a given memory the neuron changes, more dendrites, changes in the neurotransmitter fluid, increase in the synapse activity, it becomes stronger. The more you use a given neuron the stronger that becomes Memory Consolidation - Physical conversation (encoding)
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Unformatted text preview: -Memorizing is kind of like waiting for cement to dry. It’s a process waiting for the circuit, that neuron, to set. Retrograde Amnesia-due to brain problems, disease. Head trauma-Cannot retrieve past info.-Consolidation interrupted-Episodic Memory (effects) Anterograde Amnesia-cannot consolidate new info-Hippocampus- Encodes and Transfers Organic-Alzheimers-Lose Acetylcholine Neurons Eyewitness Testimony-Multiple Factors Affect Eidetic Memory – about 4% of children...
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