10-23-07 Intelligence

10-23-07 Intelligence - Intelligence No Universal...

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Intelligence No Universal Definition - Acquire knowledge - Learn from experience - Ability to Adapt to change David Weschler - The ability to think rationally - The ability to act with a purpose - Be effective in environment Gives us the ability to be effective, rational, goal-directed in life Nature versus Nurture Arthur Jensen > Nature Not very nice person, believes that certain racial groups are genetically inferior to other groups. Skeels & Dye > Nurture Orphans caught up with normal children Alfred Binet & Theodore Simon -Fathers of testing - Mental age/chronological age -Help -Not innate Abilities Lewis Terman -Stanford University - Adopted Stanford – Binet -Cultural Bias - Stanford-Binet intell. Scale Can’t just pick up a test from some culture and take it to a next. William Stern -German Psyc Formula: Mental Age / Chronological age * 100 = IQ 10/8 * 100 = 125 BRIHT 8/10 * 100 = 80 DULL World War 1 Army ALPHA (Written) and Beta (Oral) Test - Screen recruits and draftees
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Misuse - Henry Goddard – 1913
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10-23-07 Intelligence - Intelligence No Universal...

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