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Analytical Psychology

Analytical Psychology - Hostile World Move toward people...

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Analytical Psychology Carl Jung 1875-1961 Childhood unhappy Wooden doll and dreams – A dream of a flood in Europe, and in the dream the water turned to blood and a month later war broke out in Germany. He was not a scholar Married and Affair Feud Chose as Successor Bitter End Function of Libido Creative Life Force Both Biological and Spiritual Archetypes Shared Primordial Images Common Universal Themes Hero, Strong mother, Birth, Death Shadow, Witch, Wise Man Innocent Child, Anima and Animus, Persona Goal: Transcend Opposites Achieve Harmony Feminine Psychology Karen Horney (Horn-eye) 1885 – 1952 Cultural/Social Influences Childhood
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Roots of Theory Father Cold /Authoritarian She was unattractive Unloved Went to medical school Stressors > Psychoanalysis Self Analysis Emigrated to US Paren-Child relationships critical Isolation) Helplessness) -- Children develop basic anxiety
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Unformatted text preview: Hostile World) Move toward people Need approval and affections Move against Need power --- Critical, Domineering, and Competitive Move away Need independence Self-Sufficient Aloof/Detached Healthy = Flexible Challenged Freudian penis Envy Want equality not penis Male womb envy Humanistic Third Force Emphases on free will, potential, Human Self-awareness. Strive to reach our full potential. Focus on healthy personality Motivated toward psyc. Growth Individual subjective reality. Carl Rogers Lonely Childhood • Isolate • Dreamy; fantasy world • Strict Fundamentalist parents • Living someone else’s world view Client Centered Client’s subjective perception Personality Motivation • To achieve full potential • To become fully functioning • Consistent self-concept Behaviors reflect self-concept...
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Analytical Psychology - Hostile World Move toward people...

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