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Personality Defined: Unique, relatively consistent patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving. No one theory exists Psychoanalytic Sigmund Freud 1856-1939 Hated father/loved mother Chose medicine > research Used cocaine Martha Bernays – Wanted to marry her, gave up the idea of research and went into private practice. Jean-Martin Charcot Hypnosis Freud became to understand the mind-body connection, first introduced by charcot through hypnosis Neurosis < > Sex Josef Breuer Hypnosis “Anna O” Catharsis > Talking cure – if you talk things out you can cure what is ailing you Transference – She transferred her feelings about her father on to Breuer Counter – Transference – Therapist transfers his feelings onto the client or patient Freud discontinued sex after age of 41 -Sex contaminates both the mind and the body London: 1938, Died of cancer in 1939, Assisted by Max Schur Techniques Free-Association –first thing that comes to mind. Apple > Red Dream analysis (self, also)
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Unformatted text preview: Hypnosis &gt; Abandoned Personality Biological Instincts Instincts provide psychic energy Psychic energy drives behavior Psychic energy operates on three levels Conscious Anything you are aware of, just a tiny bit of the iceberg Preconscious You can bring it to the conscious level but you dont always know it is there. Unconscious Only way to reach it is through therapy. Drive out behavior. ID = Pleasure principle Eros = Life Instincts Libido = Sex Instinct Thanatos = Death instinct Ego = Reality principle *Emerges from ID Energy * Delay gratification * compromise Superego = Morality principle Internalized as right or wrong Evaluates behavior Conscience from punishment Ego ideal from reward Id-Superego Conflict &gt; Anxiety Reality Based = Exam Neurotic Based ID might overwhelm ego: Steal &gt; Jail : External punishment Morality based ID Might overwhelm superego Cheat Guilt/shame Internal punishment...
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Personality - Hypnosis &amp;amp;gt; Abandoned Personality...

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