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Personality Defined: Unique, relatively consistent patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving. No one theory exists Psychoanalytic Sigmund Freud 1856-1939 Hated father/loved mother Chose medicine > research Used cocaine Martha Bernays – Wanted to marry her, gave up the idea of research and went into private practice. Jean-Martin Charcot Hypnosis Freud became to understand the mind-body connection, first introduced by charcot through hypnosis Neurosis < > Sex Josef Breuer Hypnosis “Anna O” Catharsis > Talking cure – if you talk things out you can cure what is ailing you Transference – She transferred her feelings about her father on to Breuer Counter – Transference – Therapist transfers his feelings onto the client or patient Freud discontinued sex after age of 41 -Sex contaminates both the mind and the body London: 1938, Died of cancer in 1939, Assisted by Max Schur Techniques Free-Association –first thing that comes to mind. Apple > Red Dream analysis (self, also)
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Unformatted text preview: • Hypnosis > Abandoned Personality • Biological Instincts Instincts provide psychic energy Psychic energy drives behavior Psychic energy operates on three levels • Conscious – Anything you are aware of, just a tiny bit of the iceberg • Preconscious – You can bring it to the conscious level but you don’t always know it is there. • Unconscious – Only way to reach it is through therapy. Drive out behavior. ID = Pleasure principle Eros = Life Instincts Libido = Sex Instinct Thanatos = Death instinct Ego = Reality principle *Emerges from ID Energy * Delay gratification * compromise Superego = Morality principle • Internalized as right or wrong • Evaluates behavior • Conscience from punishment • Ego ideal from reward Id-Superego Conflict > Anxiety Reality Based = Exam Neurotic Based ID might overwhelm ego: Steal > Jail : External punishment Morality based ID Might overwhelm superego Cheat Guilt/shame Internal punishment...
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Personality - • Hypnosis> Abandoned Personality •...

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