Psychological Disorders

Psychological Disorders - Psychological Disorders...

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Psychological Disorders Psychopathology – scientific study of causes, symptoms, duration, treatment of psychological disorders -Study of thoughts, behaviors, emotions that deviate from cultural norms and expectations Deviant versus Eccentric Mental Illness and Stigma Book – Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders – 4 th edition / Text revised -Provides standard language -Provides standard thorough, complete criteria General Criteria Statistically atypical for the culture Socially unacceptable for the culture or society Distress to self and/or others Interferes with normal functioning Distorts reality Abnormal versus insanity Trying to understand -Stone Age 1. Trephination – Dig a hole in someone’s head to see if the person was possessed by evil spirits -Greek Romans - Hippocrates – Believed that the body and the mind can become sick. There must be an in balance in the mind, yellow bile, black bile, blood, and flem. Referred to as body humors. Recommended celibacy
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Psychological Disorders - Psychological Disorders...

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