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Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love - Complex Interaction Nature and Nurture...

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Unconditional Love /Acceptance Given Positive Regard – Feel Loved/Valued No Conditions placed on love No need to distort Congruence Ability to actualize Conditional Positive Regard Conditional positive regard Love = Meeting conditions Distort/Deny – Incongruence Unlikely to actualize Fully Functioning Person – During the process of becoming actualized Consistent Unconditional Love Self Concept and Behaviors and experiences congruent Flexible, evolving self concept Motivated > Full Potential Five-Factor Theory Robert McCrae and Paul Costa The Big Fice Continuum Low to High O-C-E-A-N Significant research Support Traits
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Unformatted text preview: Complex Interaction Nature and Nurture Most Support • Extraversion • Neuroticism • Openness • Conscientiousness Openness To Experience High: Imaginative, Original, Creative, Variety Low: Down-To-Earth, Conventional, uncreative, routines Conscientiousness High: Hard worker, Ambitious, Perseveres Low: Lazy, Aimless, Gives up Extraversion High: Affection, Joiner, Talker Low: Reserved, Loner, Quiet Agreeableness High: Acquiescent, Soft-hearted, trusting Low: Antagonistic, Ruthless, Suspicious Neuroticism High: Worrier, Unstable, Emotion, Vulnerable Low: Calm, Even-tempered, Unemotional, Hardy...
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