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court watching paper - Michael Samuels 10/9/07 Sociology...

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Michael Samuels 10/9/07 Sociology 189 Court Watching Paper. 1. What courtroom(s) did you observe and on what date? Observed Court rooms: 120. 219, 310, 316 Observed on: 9/26/07 2. What decisions were being made in the courtroom (e.g. arraignment, setting bond, trial sentencing) I witnessed many different decisions including rescheduling, witnesses taking the stand, closing arguments, and additional charges being set. Court room 120 handled most of the scheduling and small crimes that I witnessed such a drug possession, failure to appear, and default on rent. Room 219 I believe I mistook for criminal case and I think it was a malpractice suit. Room 310 was a NE shooting, and room 316 was a liquor store robbery. 3. What could understand or not understand about the process and decisions? At the beginning of the experience I had a hard time understanding what was happening. I didn’t know who the guy talking in the front of the court war; he wasn’t a judge, juror, defendant, or lawyer. I waited till after a series of cases before asking and finding out that he was the court room clerk. I learned that the court room clerk announces all the charges and all the restrictions to the people who are awaiting trial on their own recognizance. He would inform defendants what would happen if they didn’t show up for court, such as fines and jail time. As far as court proceedings such as directing questions to witnesses and objections, it was all fairly easy to follow. It
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court watching paper - Michael Samuels 10/9/07 Sociology...

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