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Adversarial System Prosecutor vs Defense 90% of criminal cases are plea bargain. Plea Bargain to save time and money for the prosecutor. Also move them along. Power: Drop certain charges, lesson certain penalties. Tyler Texas: Larceny from a building (felony), charged him as a habitual offender. Habitual offender ups the sentence if you have previous convictions. Sentenced to 16 years in prison. Kemba Smith: Boyfriend turned out to be a big time drug dealer. On several occasions she aided him. Boyfriend is killed by rival drug dealer. She is arrested and charged as the leader of this multimillion dollar drug leader. Sentenced to 24 years in prison as a first time offender. She served 6 ½ years of the sentence, President Clinton pardoned her.
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Unformatted text preview: Defense If they go to trial they might get a much worse penalty. Goals of sentencing : Punishment, Retribution, Rehabilitation, Deterrence (General or Individual), Incapacitation Certainty How likely you are to get caught/arrested Severity How severe the penalty is going to be. Mandatory Sentencing The amount of time a judge must sentence someone for. No Discretion. Most apply to drug offenses but not all drug offenses and not only. Mr Gall Use to sell ecstasy, stopped went to college. 3 years later was arrested, was supposed to be sentenced to 3 years, instead was sentenced to probation....
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