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Ten Minute Overview

Ten Minute Overview - Ten Minute Overview 12 Short Answer...

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Ten Minute Overview 12 Short Answer Questions/Multiple Choice 1 essay question : Choice of 2 essays Dramatic rise in prison population since the early 1970s to 300,000 – 2,000,000 people in jail US locks up so many more people than other countries African American and Latino disproportionately represented in prison population: 1/3 blacks and 1/6 Latinos. No society defines crime the same UCR (crime rate) and victimization surveys – two different measures Racial dynamics of crime policy – 1800s, convict leasing system. Do policies have a racial effect, is it racial by design, intent, or impact. Unconscious and conscious racism Arrests Discretion. Prosecutors determine what the charges, what kind of plea deal you may have, critical decisions about how the case will come out. Hold a lot of power. Indeterminate sentencing Determinate sentencing. (Mandatory Sentencing, 3 strikes and you’re out) Mandatory sentencing makes the prosecutor that much more powerful
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