War on Drugs

War on Drugs - 1980-1990 primarily cocaine and heroine...

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War on Drugs David Musta – History of drug epidemics. Traces the drugs back over a 100 years. Concludes that we have these drug epidemics every generation. A new drug comes around and young people start to use it, and people become scared about it and legislators start to get worried about it. The duration is usually 3-5 years and then they turn away from it. 1980s modern day drug war. Ronald Reagan: how can we have an impact on crime policy? We can deal with drug policy as a federal policy. We can have federal prosecutors take care of some of this work. – War declared in 1982, after the peak of use in 1979. Tripling of the amount of people arrested for drugs over the last 25 years. 1982 – 2007. 500,000 – 1.5 million. Jail: 40,000 – 500,000 Drug offense in jail in 2007 = to total in jail in 1980 Shift in how drug war is being prosecuted.
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Unformatted text preview: 1980-1990 primarily cocaine and heroine. Beginning in 1990, a shift towards marijuana as the drug of focus. 90% of the increase for marijuana arrests. 1970s, everyone loves marijuana! – The perception of the user changed. Who is using drugs? Drug use is roughly equal over racial lines. 75% of the people in jail for drug offenses are black or Latino. Law enforcement goes into low income areas to make drug arrests. Len Bias – Star basketball player dies of a crack overdose. 80% of the people prosecuted for crack cocaine are African American When you arrest people on the lower level, there is a large replacement effect on drug dealing. It is much harder to erase a kingpin. People who are drunk are more likely to be violent than people who use illegal substances Improve treatments and safety. Offer clean needles, and what not....
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War on Drugs - 1980-1990 primarily cocaine and heroine...

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