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Review Celebration 3 - Review Celebration 3 This study...

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Review Celebration 3 This study guide is not exhaustive! Just because something is not on this guide does not mean it won’t appear on the exam. It does point to ideas, people, and things that you should know. 1) Conquest, Judges, United Kingdom periods from Outline of Bible History Conquest- crossing the Jordan to the time of the judges, 1400- 1375, Joshua, Judges- beg of judges to first kings, 1375- 1050, Samuel and Deborah United Kingdom- beg of kingdom to division, 1050-930, saul, david, solomon 2) Content of the assigned Biblical texts 3) There will be no map questions for this celebration. 4) Biblical People: a. Joshua- leader after moses who led them through their battles in canaan b. Rahab- the lady who hid the spies and her family was saved when they destroyed Jericho c. Achan- took stuff from Jericho when it was destroyed and got caught d. Ehud- killed Eglon with the double edged sword; left handed e. Eglon- the fat king of Moab who was killed f. Deborah- judge; she lead them to fight against Sisera with Barak g. Barak- leader of the army who wanted to kill Sisera but wouldn’t go to battle without Deborah h. Sisera- the commander of Jabin’s army, killed by tent stake being hammered into his head by jael i. Jael- the woman who killed Sisera, she tricked Sisera and put a tent stake through his head while he was sleeping j. Samson- nazarite; liked riddles and philistine women and killing people; told his secret about his strength to Delilah and was captured and destroyed a temple and killed himself k. Delilah- lied to Samson to get his secret out of him; Philistine l. Hannah- Samuel’s mother; she was barren so she prayed that God would give her a child and she gave him to the Lord’s work m. Eli- priest that trained Samuel; his sons were evil and he doesn’t stop it; thought Hannah was drunk when she was praying n. Samuel- his sons were corrupt too; the people asked him for a king; he anointed saul and david; was called by the Lord when
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Review Celebration 3 - Review Celebration 3 This study...

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