homework 4

homework 4 - -3 xl (b) y=7. .jX--+-x5 4-xl (c) y= Z-4 x-3....

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CALCULUS FOR THE SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES Math 52-10 Spring 2007 HOMEWORKIV - DUEMarch29, at thebeginningof class 1. I have a function y = f(x) for whose graph the line x + 3y = 1acts as an oblique asymptote (see diagram below); what does this allow you to say about the existence and location (if it exists) of a horizontal asymptote for the graph of the derivative y' = f' (x)? Give reasons for your answer. l' 'i '""~ r------. -- . oc. ..+3~=i -- de. . -- 2. Determinethe firstand secondderivatives y' and y" of the followingfunctions: (a) y= -3x4+4x-3
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Unformatted text preview: -3 xl (b) y=7. .jX--+-x5 4-xl (c) y= Z-4 x-3. For the function y = xl-6x + 9- ~ ... (a) Calculate: . the horizontal and vertical asymptotes of y, . the x and y intercepts of y, . the sign-chartof y, . the derivative y' of y, . the sign-chartof y', and . the location (x and y coordinates)and type of each stationarypoint of y. (b) Drawa largeand carefuldiagramof the graph ofy. (c) Determine the equation of the tangent to the graph of y at x = - 2 continued . .....
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homework 4 - -3 xl (b) y=7. .jX--+-x5 4-xl (c) y= Z-4 x-3....

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