Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior - Organizational Behavior Lecture...

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Organizational Behavior Lecture Number One Most organizations are over managed and poorly led 12 th century two technologies came along: The windmill (harnesses power, and moves water from one place to another, and increased the amount of irritable land) and The tandem yoke for axons (Harness the two ox’s together to help agriculture) Helped longevity of life because food is now more accessible. The access to information has changed over the last 50 years. The internet whipped out information advantage Cost advantages have gone away Leadership sets firms apart as well as diversity. The industrial revolution 1850-1980 Economy based on electro-mechanical infrastructure: 1. Electrical power and motor 2. Gas combustion engine 3. telephone Automobile had most product emphasis during the industrial revolution Economic shift from agriculture to manufacturing Mass urbanization – cities started to grow and become strong again. People had to be near work Emergence of capitalism, it sets apart the owners from operators Before this the owners and operators were one in the same, separating it is a new economic idea The mergence of corporations and managers. Managers didn’t exist before, but in the new economy people are hired to watch the new found operators. A whole
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Organizational Behavior - Organizational Behavior Lecture...

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