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Scene 4

Scene 4 - sometimes but I truly understand what I want to...

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Mr Yeston: Come on in Michael and take a seat Michael: Thank you Mr. Yeston Yeston: I’ve called you into the office for your yearly review, and there are a few things I would like to discuss with you Michael: But Mr. Yeston I believe I have performed exceptionally well with all of my tasks and have never let this firm down. Yeston: Michael, would you please calm down for one second for Christ sake, I didn’t mean that as a bad thing. In fact you just acted out exactly what we have to talk about. Always comparing yourself to others and getting defensive is not the way to get ahead all the time. Michael: But boss. . Yeston: Listen Michael you are very self motivating and self assured, but there is no need to put others down and crack on them in order to motivate or inspire. That just isn’t something we need to do here. You have so much potential but you need to learn how to channel it in the right ways. Michael: I’m self motivated Mr. Yeston and I understand how that may come off
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Unformatted text preview: sometimes but I truly understand what I want to accomplish in this firm and where I want to reach in my life. I am not bossing them around or telling them what to do, I understand that I may be critical or even take personal shots sometimes, but in actuality its all done in order to reach a certain goal. Yeston: Michael you don’t have to. . Michael: I deserve this promotion, you know I do, everyone knows I do. I will give blood sweat and tears to this firm if I receive, please Mr Yeston trust me. Yeston: MICHAEL! STOP IT! I know all that, and you clearly know what it means to be an agent, I’m simply trying to explain to you some things that have been brought to my attention that you should probably work on. I see your potential, and your commitment, don’t worry it will not be forgotten. Michael: Thank you Yeston: Now calm yourself, and have a good rest of your day and I will speak with you soon. Michael: Thank you again sir, I look forward to it....
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