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Script-1 - Setting The scene opens up in the mailroom of a...

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Setting: The scene opens up in the mailroom of a highly competitive agency firm that represents all sorts of different actors, writers, and performers. Each of these three clerks are agent hopefuls and spend many hours in the mailroom working to prove themselves capable of a promotion in the firm. In this scene, you witness a discussion between the three clerks and the discussion about the rumored promotion. Later, you follow each of them in their individual interviews with the boss and see how they have performed in their time as mailroom clerks. Finally, in the last scene, we are taken back into the mailroom as the boss finally announces the promotion to the three clerks. Characters: Michael – Michael, a young gunner who acts with the ultimate amount of brash and bravado as anyone in the world, also produces better then almost anyone in the firm. Michael isn’t concerned with what people think about him, his obvious lack of emotional intelligence , he is only looking to move up in the company and one day get rich. He understands the risks he is taking by acting the way he does, but in the end is convinced his production will conquer all. Alex – Alex, the most noble and true worker of them all, overachieves at her job, but takes a less cutthroat approach to her career path. She often struggles with ethical dilemmas especially decisions that seem “unethical” to her, and seems not always willing to do so to make that little extra happen for the firm. More reserved than the rest, Alex is determined to accomplish all her goals that she has in mind for the firm.
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Paul - Paul represents a character with a low job-ability fit; his aspiration is to be a writer, which detracts from his effort as an intern at Creative Representation Inc. Paul’s absenteeism reflects his carelessness towards his current job. In the end, he justly receives no promotion, but Michael helpfully advises him to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. Mr Yeston - Mr. Yeston is a senior manager at Creative Representation Incorporated and is also in charge of promoting mailroom employees to new positions within the firm. He promotes and practices a Theory Y style of management while handling his subordinates. He holds a great deal of power with the mailroom employees but is well respected because of his positive attitude. Script: Scene 1: Mailroom, Three Mailroom Employees Narrator: (Start Power Point, Slide 1) Welcome to Creative Representation Inc, a top- tier talent agency. CRI has employed three full-time mailroom employees for the past eighteen months. The mailroom program the interns are involved is notorious for being highly competitive and very intense; a so called right of passage in becoming a full-fledged agent. But before they become agents, they must be promoted to an assistant, then to a junior agent, and finally an agent in either the film, television, literary, commercial, or music departments.
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