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CJ Notes - Mapp V. Ohio (1961) Exclusionary rule, fruits of...

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Mapp V. Ohio (1961) – Exclusionary rule, fruits of the poisonous tree Gideon v, Wainright (1963) – but note limits to indigent defense in practice Marianda v. Arizona (1966) – upheld by Dickerson v. U.S. 2000 – note continued false confessions and other problems; one solution is video-taping Tennesee v. Garner (1985) – fleeing felon Terry v. Ohio (1968)* – Idea of reasonable suspicion. U.S. v. Leon (1984) – good faith exceptions to the exclusionary rule BUT for judge/magistrate and warrant, not directly police. If a mistake is made by a judge or magistrate and evidence is obtained, that evidence still may be used even with the mistake. Almost anything with a car – e.g. Whren v. U.S. (1996) can use a traffic pretext to facilitate investigation. Ohio v. Robonette (1996) – suspect does not need to be told they have a right to leave Federal Bureau of Investigation – Investigative – national and interstate crime. Historical fears of national policing being abused for political purposes; proved correct at many points in FBI history. EG: WW1 and WW2 dissent, civil rights movement. Particular role of Herbert Hoover More recent Controversies- Waco, 9.11 – especially the flight school memo Note: 9/11 problems compare to solutions – available information and intelligence versus processing, communication, and acting of intelligence. FBP – Federal Bureau of Prisons DEA – Drug Enforcement Agency Federal Emergency management Directorate The old INS – Immigration and Naturalization Service – has now been divided into Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. Both are part of the Department of Homeland Security Private policing – officially not part of law enforcement, but in practice very important –
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CJ Notes - Mapp V. Ohio (1961) Exclusionary rule, fruits of...

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