Criminal Justice Notes 2

Criminal Justice Notes 2 - Last half of chapter 7, 8 ,9,...

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Last half of chapter 7, 8 ,9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. Police Subcultures : Police Subcultures – The macho mentality. Us vs Them mentality. As in citizens vs police. The Subculture of racism within the police force, much less now, but still perception that it is still there. Code of Silence and blue wall – Don’t like to tell on each other, don’t tell secrets within the police force. “We are brothers in blue” You always get in more trouble for doing something to a police officer. Hitting a civilian vs hitting an officer. Morality, police supposed to be the symbol of morality. Subculture for police is : Machoism, Us vs Them, Racism Demographics of police : Still very much white male. Find out who are the police, what is their makeup? Police Training : Movement towards more education. More credibility. Want people who have higher level of educations. Better training Police Deviance/Illegality: Excessive force. 5-7 ways to reduce excessive force. Better and different training Internal Control – internal affairs Government control Community Control – Citizen review boards Messages and culture from leaders – If you have outspoken people who are anti police have a different effect then people who are pro police. It has an impact on how police are seen. Messages from the courts, especially the SC – Precedents that the courts have set for people International Opinion – How the rest of the world looks at us.
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Court Structure : Court of limited jurisdiction – Handles specific type of cases such as drug courts or just domestic violence cases. Court of General Jurisdiction (Trial court) – Each county or municipal has one. Most criminal cases start here. Intermediate appellate court – Circuit court, federal appellate court. First level of appeal
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Criminal Justice Notes 2 - Last half of chapter 7, 8 ,9,...

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