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Company and Product Overview Emmaljunga Barnvagnsfabrik AB is a subsidiary of Emmaljunga Holding AB, a Swedish pram manufacturer since 1925. The company’s headquarters are in Vittsjo, Sweden. Emmaljunga sells prams that range from infant seats to toddler pram attachments, including car seats and diaper bags. Emmaljunga as a brand prides itself on its nonuse of harmful substances, pram fabrics that withstand SPF 50, most of the assembly is done by hand rather than machine, and Emmaljunga has a long standing commitment to the environment. Emmaljunga’s advantages include the pram’s overall endurance, flexibility, use of technology, and customer value for the money. The pram’s wheels as well as steel frame are paramount in distinguishing the brand in terms of the pram’s durability, lightweight frame, and ability to attach additional features. Emmaljunga wheels are guaranteed for life. Emmaljunga is owned by Lage Persson, however Sami Bandak, a US business man, brought the brand to the United States in the mid-1980s. More information needed Emmaljunga’s history in Sweden, with a large market in Europe exudes a brand image of fashionable, luxurious, calm and quiet children in the prams, the image of a cohesive family unit, and as the ultimate statement of comfort and lavishness for every child. These brand images are mostly conveyed in brochures for the company as well as company videos that show mothers and fathers using different prams in romantic, idealistic, beautiful situations that appear happy and as the dream most aspire to be a part of. Emmaljunga prams are assembled and sold in Sweden, and sold in Denmark,
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Norway, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, and the Czech Republic. The company focuses heavily on environmental issues in Sweden, and production only takes place in Europe and Sweden. Emmaljunga originally entered the United States in 1986 when Sami Bandak negotiated with Persson to have exclusive marketing rights 1 . During the initial months of marketing rights, Emmaljunga was selling approximately $6,000.00 of prams a month in the US market 2 through retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. Sales continued to grow through the 1990s, however Bandak expanded his company and the failure for distributors to deliver the prams amounted to failure for Emmaljunga in the US market. Additional information Despite the broad range of countries that Emmaljunga is sold in, Emmaljunga standardizes their products across markets. The only area of deviation is the rubber pram protector that is sold in the United Kingdom that protects the pram from wet weather elements. Emmaljunga Prams
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emmaljunga draft 1-1 - Company and Product Overview...

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