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Picture Sheet IBUS166 Spring 2010

Picture Sheet IBUS166 Spring 2010 - all those countries...

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IBUS 166 RIDDLE PLACE PICTURE Spring 2010 HERE NAME : ___Michael Samuels____________________________ FRESHMAN SOPHMORE JUNIOR SENIOR (Circle One) MAJOR: ___Finance and International Business___________ MINOR: _________________Criminal Justice_____________ NATIONALITY : _________American WHICH, IF ANY, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COURSES HAVE YOU TAKEN AT GW OR ELSEWHERE? IBUS 160 IBUS 164 IBUS 190 HAVE YOU TRAVELED OUTSIDE OF YOUR NATIVE COUNTRY? YES NO (Circle One) (If "Yes") WHERE HAVE YOU TRAVELED? Mexico, Canada, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Cork, Dublin, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Prague, Budapest, and Amsterdam IF YOU COULD VISIT ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHERE WOULD YOU GO? WHY?
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Thailand, Korea, China, and Japan are very high on my list. I really want to experience Asian culture, and it interests me greatly. I have a lot of friends who have spent significant time in that region, and
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Unformatted text preview: all those countries sound like amazing places to visit. The culture seems fascinating, and I love Asian food more than anything. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO TAKE IBUS166? WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO LEARN FROM THIS COURSE? I took IBUS 166 because it’s my last required IBUS course for my major. I hope to learn how international marketing strategies differ from other domestic marketing plans. I want to better understand the international marketplace. DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM JOB. WHAT DO YOU ASPIRE TO DO? WHY? My dream job would be to own my own company whether it be investment, real estate, or consulting related. I want to work for myself and set my own schedule and have something that’s my very own. I want something that I can keep in my family and be able to set my family up financially for years to come....
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Picture Sheet IBUS166 Spring 2010 - all those countries...

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