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Proposal 1 Michael Samuels

Proposal 1 Michael Samuels - Michael Samuels Finance 127...

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Michael Samuels 1/28/10 Finance 127 Proposal 1 Health Care and Its Effect on the Economy Rising costs of health care and insurance have been at the forefront of discussion over the last several years during the current economic crisis. This topic was a pivotal issue in the 2008 Presidential election that eventually led to the election of Barack Obama. The country is bitterly divided on how to fix health care policy. Many think deregulation will lead to better competition and lower prices, while other things government universal run health care is the best way to provide coverage to all. I wish to research the overall economic effect health care has on the total economy, not just on individuals. I want to learn whether currently proposed legislation will create jobs, strengthen the economy, and the put the country in better financial position, or whether it will have the opposite effects. Health care policy has billions of dollars run through it from individual families, to private doctors, to huge K street lobbyists.
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