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Proposal 2 - the economy Many people in the country are...

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Michael Samuels 4/4/10 Wilson Proposal 2 Monetary Policy There are many debates on the preferred method of monetary policy and these discussions rages from both sides of the political isle. But what exactly do these policies mean for the every day person? Is there a consensus on which policy is the best? Or is there one policy that is better than another? There are just several of the questions I’m looking to answer, and help understand from an observer’s perspective what the consequences of certain types of monetary policy may have on my family and me. Furthermore which method of monetary policy due corporations prefer and is this universal or does it differ by based on industry. These are important factors to understand in order to be educated on the status of
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Unformatted text preview: the economy. Many people in the country are uninformed about how these policies affect their life. Maybe these things alter the prices of good and if so how much? Should people expect things to change when there is new people the Federal Reserve board and policy changes? Woodford, Michael 2007. "The Case for Forecast Targeting as a Monetary Policy Strategy." Journal of Economic Perspectives , 21(4): 3–24. Galí, Jordi, and Mark Gertler. 2007. "Macroeconomic Modeling for Monetary Policy Evaluation." Journal of Economic Perspectives , 21(4): 25–46. Goodfriend, Marvin 2007. "How the World Achieved Consensus on Monetary Policy." Journal of Economic Perspectives , 21(4): 47–68....
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