Syllabus - George Washington University FINA 124Fall 2009...

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Unformatted text preview: George Washington University FINA 124Fall 2009 Advanced Financial Management Section #: 10 CRN: 80243 Class time: Tuesday and Thursday 14:2015:35 Class room: Funger 223 Professor: Robert Savickas, Ph.D. Office: Funger 501R Office hours: Tue., 16:00-17:00; Thu., 16:00-18:00. Phone: 9948936 E-mail: [email protected] Description: Analysis and readings covering applications of theory to financial management. Case studies for decision making involving working capital, capital budgeting, financing, div- idend policy, and valuation. The course will involve both case analysis and lectures. Texts: Required: W. Carl Kester, Richard S. Ruback, and Peter Tufano, Case Problems in Finance , 12th edition, McGrawHill. Not required, but recommended: Higgins, Robert C., Analysis for Financial Management , 9th edition, McGrawHill. Background: Familiarity with basic and intermediate finance and accounting will be helpful. Grading: Two case reports: 10% each; one group case presentation: 5%; midterm exam: 37%; final exam: 38%. Exams: Both the midterm and the final exams will include questions about cases covered in class. The purpose is to assess to what extent students followed the cases. To do well on the exams, students will have to read and analyze each case covered in the class. Questions: Feel free to ask questions during the lectures, office hours, by email, my office phone, or any time you see me. Calculators: Please write your name on any of your calculators, cell phones, laptops, etc. that you take to the class. Should you forget one in the classroom, I will be able to return it to you if it has your name. Unnamed equipment will be left in the classroom. Participation: Occasionally, students will have the opportunity to volunteer to solve a problem at the blackboard or otherwise participate during a lecture. Each successful participation will earn the participating student 0.5% (halfpoint) towards his/her final grade. This is especially important for students whose course grade is on the borderline between two grades. Each such opportunity to earn participation points will be clearly announced in the class....
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This note was uploaded on 10/20/2010 for the course FINA 124 taught by Professor Ismaildalla during the Spring '10 term at GWU.

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Syllabus - George Washington University FINA 124Fall 2009...

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