FINAL exam, spring 2010

FINAL exam, spring 2010 - Business and Government Relations...

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Business and Government Relations, BADM 150 George Washington University, Spring 2010, Prof. Jorge Rivera Final exam Student name: __________________________________________________________ Instructions 1. Read the following questions carefully and please make sure to limit your answers to the allocated space. All space limits assume double space, 12 points font, 1 inch margin formatting. The questions pertain to the case Sustainability at Millipore (one of cases you purchased from for class discussion). 2. This is a “open-book” exam; you are allowed to consult any notes or textbook but cannot share your analysis/answers with anyone. 3. Return your answers to The Strategic Management and Public Policy Department Suite (Funger 615) on a hard copy no later than 12:00 noon on Monday, May 3, 2010. Emailed answers won’t be accepted. 4. Please sure to clearly discuss the justifications for each of your answers to the questions below. QUESTIONS: Q.1 Going forward, how should Millipore prioritize projects for the Sustainability Initiative?  (30 points, 1/2 page maximum). Q.2 Considering the pros and cons, should Millipore purchase carbon offsets as part of its  strategy to meet its greenhouse gas reduction objectives? Make sure justify your answer  (30 points, 1 page maximum). Q.4 What changes, if any, would you recommend to Chairman, CEO, and President Martin  Madaus to improve the effectiveness and/or efficiency of Millipore’s Sustainability Initiative?  (40 points, 1 page maximum).
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1. Millipore in order to become environmentally responsible and sustainable must decide
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FINAL exam, spring 2010 - Business and Government Relations...

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