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BADM 197 Notes - BADM 197, Spring 2010 Take-Home Final...

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BADM 197, Spring 2010 Take-Home Final Examination You may complete this exam individually or in teams of two students. You may not discuss the exam with any other students. Exams must be turned in no later than 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 6. Please bring a hard copy to my office (Funger 607) and also email me a copy. I will be in my office from 3:00 to 5:00 on May 6. If you want to drop the exam off earlier, you may put it in an envelope and slip it under my office door or leave it with the receptionist in the SMPP office (Funger 615), but be sure to email me a copy and let me know that you submitted the hard copy. It’s important to submit a hard copy so that we can be sure that I receive the correct version and all the pages. Please think about your answers and try to be focused and concise. I expect your exams to be edited and free of typos. Please use 12-point font. You may single space your answers. Part A: Short Essay Questions Answer four of the following five questions in 200 words or less. You may use bullets when appropriate. Each question is worth 10% of the exam grade. 1. A key aspect of business strategy is how to build and maintain competitive advantage through strategic use of resources and capabilities. What is the relationship between a company’s strategy and its resources and capabilities? Use examples to explain. 2. “Weak leadership can wreck the soundest strategy; forceful execution of even a poor plan can often bring victory.” This quote is from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War , written in 476 BC. How applicable do you think this quote is to modern corporate leadership? Empowering Employees (Incentives, Decision Making) Reinvesting Profits Front Runner in technology and business 3. Using Nucor as an example, explain how a company’s strategy, structure and culture are related. What are the benefits and possible risks of this relationship? Incentive based pay to encourage hard work Similar pay structure throughout the company 4. Imagine that a new product becomes available to the public tomorrow—a personal transportation device that can move individuals or cargo from Page 1 of 4
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place to place instantly (just like Star Trek ). Industries such as airlines, auto manufacturing, railroads, and delivery services would immediately enter a severe decline. What advice would you give the firms in those industries? What strategies should they pursue, and why? Cost advantages Achieve economies of scale Use technology in some way Customer service Incentive programs Horizontal integration 5. In your opinion, is it better to be a first mover or a follower in a high-tech industry? How should a firm choose between a first-mover or a follower strategy? Advantages : exploit network effects, positive feedbacks, establish
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BADM 197 Notes - BADM 197, Spring 2010 Take-Home Final...

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