badm 197 toyota case

badm 197 toyota case - Brittany Snyder Michael Samuals Word...

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Brittany Snyder January 28, 2010 Michael Samuals Case Study: Toyota Word Count: 957 For any industry leader, success stems from creative thinking, and persistence. No company holds true to these ideals quite like Toyota. Company director Ohno Taiichi utilized creative thinking to turn Toyota into an efficiency leader in manufacturing. How he did this was strict attention to detail. A prime example of improved efficiency is the changing of the dies on the stamping equipment. . Originally, this process took up to a full day, but by 1971, the process was mastered to 3 minutes. Such minor adjustments equated to increases in production and sales. Toyota also managed to find an economical and efficient way to control their inventory. Toyota managed manufactured inlets to as little as one day, where Americans and Europeans held a supply of 10-30 days. This method benefited Toyota economically due to lowered holding costs. Toyota had introduced a corporate environment very unique for a car manufacturing company. The work force was grouped into teams, and the team members were trained individually to perform the tasks they were responsible for. A process called quality circles was introduced, this process allowed for team members to set aside time to get together to discuss possible improvements the company can make. Adding more humanistic elements to the work environment ultimately increased work productivity. Toyota’s employees were different than their competitors, because the invested themselves into what they were doing. Success in their company ultimately meant success for them. They held a sense of pride that no
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badm 197 toyota case - Brittany Snyder Michael Samuals Word...

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