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School of Business Spring 2010: BADM 197 Strategic Management HBS Case: Bitter Competition: The Holland Sweetener Company versus Nutrasweet (A) As an external consultant to Winfried Vermijs, President of HSC, hired to provide a report on alternative scenarios on their planned entry into the aspartame market in Europe and Canada, answer the following questions for Management’s consideration. Please base your answers to the questions solely on the facts presented in the case. Q1 . What strategy(ies) did Nutrasweet employ during the period of aspartame's patent protection to establish the company’s dominance and profitability in the sweetener segment? Explain . (200 words) Q2 . Suppose the following TWO scenarios could play out between Nutrasweet and HSC upon the entry of HSC into the aspartame market in Europe and Canada: (i) price war, (ii) normal competition. What are the most-likely outcomes for each company under each of these two scenarios ? Explain . Use the data provided in the case and make reasonable assumptions about any information not
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