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Introduction to Philosophy 05

Introduction to Philosophy 05 - Introduction to Philosophy...

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Introduction to Philosophy Dr. Craig Dove 0509-210 Section 5 [email protected] Tuesday 4:00PM - 5:50PM GOL(70) 2455 [email protected] Thursday 4:00PM - 5:50PM BOO (07) 1400 765 969 3762 “What philosophy can and must be is this: a thinking that breaks the paths and opens the perspectives of the knowledge that sets the norms and hierarchies, of the knowledge in which and by which a people fulfills itself historically and culturally, the knowledge that kindles and necessitates all inquiries and thereby threatens all values.” - Martin Heidegger, An Introduction to Metaphysics Basic Information : “An introduction to some of the major problems, methods and insights of philosophy with readings from both classical and contemporary sources.” - RIT Catalog As with most disciplines, the methods used depend on the problems; the insights found depend on the methods; and the problems are largely determined by historical features (including but not limited to socio-economic factors), rather than simply being “eternal questions.” That said, the question underlying all philosophical inquiry is, “how shall I live my life?” This class will move from the initial question of how we gain personal knowledge to how we put that knowledge together in the pursuit of larger questions; continue on to questions of personal identity; move from there to other metaphysical questions, specifically, freedom of the will and the existence of God; finally, we will move towards more explicit answers to “how shall I live my life?” by addressing questions of ethics, both personal and corporate (justice). Required Texts : Twenty Questions: Sixth Edition , ed Bowie, Michaels, Solomon Thomson/Wadsworth 2007 ISBN: 0-495-00711-0 Additional readings will be posted on mycourses The reading assignments for each class are relatively short, but dense. Make sure you allow adequate time to complete the reading prior to class. Course Goals : Familiarize students with some important figures and problems within western philosophy; show students how to approach a philosophical text; help students hone their critical thinking skills
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Introduction to Philosophy 05 - Introduction to Philosophy...

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