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TED Talks Summary - Using Evolution to Design Disease...

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Using Evolution to Design Disease Organisms Intelligently ( need to be modified to make sense ) Bacteria – What are they How do they live Their role with humans Vibrio fischeri and what it tells us about bacterial interaction Bacteria communicate by secreting small molecules, kind of like hormones How Vibrio fischeri helps the squid live (Use pictures/videos from Marine Biology lecture talking about squids) Vibrio fischeri reinforces the point about bacteria communicating by secreting hormone-like molecules Quorum sensing – bacteria work together to bring down a system All bacteria have a similar chemical structure, along with an attached chemical structure that makes it unique Bacteria have intraspecies communication, which is its own language Bacteria are multilingual, meaning they also have a generic language for interspecies communication How to change the strategy of simply popping the bacterial membrane with antibiotics, which causes resistant mutants to grow, by stopping them from talking to each other How we can learn about humans through bacteria multicellularity Pro-Quorum sensing molecules to enhance the activity of the friendly bacteria on our bodies Viruses – How AIDS/HIV was discovered The vast majority of viruses come from animals Pyramid of bubbling up of viruses African hunters and their intimate connections with wild animals How these hunters are studied (“And so we’ve been studying people like this individual.”) Questions that need to be ethically answered if these studies were to not carry on How work in African countries for these kind of studies to be carried out are started Popular people in African communities are used to spread the message and get participants
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TED Talks Summary - Using Evolution to Design Disease...

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