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07:03:47 STUDENT NOTES: Exp 3. Stoichiometry Challenge: Copper Compounds Bottomley & Bottomley “Chemistry 1211K 2010-2011 Lab Manual”; Hayden-McNeil POST-LAB ASSIGNMENT: Lab Report Due next lab. Students Notes will be on T-square Cover Sheet: Title, Name, Lab Partners name, Date, Honor Pledge Data & Results: Data and calculated Results in Tables. Sample Calculations-Use Equation Editor Discussion: Written discussion that INCLUDES answers to any questions References: Any references including the lab manual, websites etc. Post-Lab Report: 90 pts I. Cover Sheet- 5 pts II. Data/Results - 50 pts DATA: Balanced molecular and net ionic equations Masses and volumes used in every step of synthesis. Observations at every step of the synthesis Mass of copper recovered at the end. % percent yields assuming each reaction goes to completion. 10 pts 1. Copper metal + nitric acid copper nitrate + nitrogen dioxide gas + water (2pt) a. Balanced molecular and net ionic equations b. Masses and volumes of reagents used.
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This note was uploaded on 10/14/2010 for the course CHEMISTRY 1211 taught by Professor Shepler during the Fall '10 term at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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STUDENT+notes+Exp+3.+Copper+Compounds - 07:03:47 STUDENT...

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